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Frequently Asked questions

Q1.During crowded times, numbered tickets will be issued. Is it possible to enter Himeji Castle without a numbered ticket?

A1. Visitors cannot enter the main Keep but can view Nishi-no-Maru or Ni-no-Maru other than the main Keep.

Q2.Do visitor need to stand in line,if they don't want to visit the Main Keep?
A2.Visitors who do not want to visit the Main Keep will be asked to enter the castle from another ticket gate. However, they may have to wait depending on the croededness.
Q3.Do visitors who do not have to pay admission fees need numbered tickets?
A3.For all visitors, including the children, numbered tickets are needed to enter the main Keep regardless of age.
Q4.Are the numbered tickets specified by time?
A4.The time is not specified. There for you can do sightseeing for other places before visiting the Castle.Please come to the castle gate by16:00 or 17:00 (from April 27 through August 31).
Q5.Can we enter the main Keep without waiting if we have numbered tickets?
A5.The numbered tickets are not entry to the without waiting. Please bear in mind that there may be a wait to enter the main Keep due to the number of visitors.
Q6.I want to know how numbered tickets are issued.
A6.Numbered tickets are distributed to visitors waiting in line to enter the Castle who want to ascend, one ticket each, 10-15 minutes before the Castle opens.
After the Castle opens, numbered tickets are issued around the end of the line of people waiting to enter the Castle. Please wait in line to enter the Castle after receiving a numbered ticket if you want to ascend the Main Keep.
Q7.How many of the visitors waiting in line are expected to receive numbered tickets?
A7.15,000 tickets are distributed per day on a first-come, first-served basis.
Q8.Why is the number of visitors to the main Keep restricted?
A8.The first priority is the safety of visitors to access the main Keep and providing protection for all cultural properties, while providing visitors with some easiness of touring and visit. It is also necessary for us to secure the transportation space in ease of emergency.
Q9.What time are the numbered tickets distributed?
A9. Numbered tickets are usually issued from 9 am. The Castle may be opened up to an hour earlier for safety reasons and numbered tickets may be issued earlier depending on the croededness. In either case, numbered tickets are issued to visitors waiting to enter the Castle 10-15 minutes before the Castle opens.
Q10.What is "Early Open"?
A10. The Castle usually opens at 9 a.m. On days when an extremely large number of visitors are expected,the castle will open earlier than usual.
The castle opens at 8:30 a.m.
March 31,2018
April 1-8,29,2018
May 3-6,2018
August 11-15,2018
October 7,2018
November 24,2018
Q11.What time should we stand in line if we want to have numbered tickets sorely?
A11.Although we can never be sure, visitors waiting in line during the morning hours may be expected to get numbered tickets.
Q12.Can such tickets be used the following day?
A12.No. The tickets are only valid on the day when they are distributed.
Q13.I want to know the procedure for entering the Castle on days when numbered tickets are issued.
A13.If you want to ascend the Main Keep, please get a numbered ticket and wait in line to enter the Castle. When your turn comes, staff will come to guide you to purchase an entrance ticket and enter the Castle from a ticket gate.
*For days when numbered tickets are issued, see Q 20.
Q14.Can representatives (tour conductors) receive as many numbered tickets as the number of people in their (tour, etc.) group?
A14.Yes. Numbered tickets are issued to visitors who want to ascend the Main Keep, basically one ticket each, to make sure that as many people as possible ascend the Main Keep in a limited amount of time. When a coupon (original) issued by a travel agency, or a certificate signed by a travel agency (original; any format), etc., is presented, we give the tour conductor or representative of the tour group as many tickets as the number of people in the tour group. However, this does not permit group visitors to enter the Castle any earlier than individual visitors. Representatives must give numbered tickets to all people in their group who want to ascend the Main Keep before entering the Castle.
Q15.In that case, if the tour conductors stand in line with their groups for the tickets, can other members join that line later?
A15. To assure fairness for all those waiting in line, please stand at the end of the line of people waiting to enter the castle after all members are assembled.
Q16.How do group visitors wait in line if some want to visit the main Keep and some do not?
A16.Visitors are required to obtain numbered tickets before going through the procedures to enter the castle. Group visitors are requested to stay in their group until entering the castle.
Q17.Is there a reservation system available for the main Keep of Himeji Castle?
A17.It would be difficult to have reservations and keep track of the times and people because different means of transportation are used. Reflecting such an experience, we did not adopt a reservation system. Please show your understanding and cooperation for the current situation so that as many visitors as possible can enter the main Keep.
Q18.Although I had my numbered ticket with me, I gave up entering the main Keep because of the crowds. Can I use my numbered ticket in the future?
A18.We are sorry but the numbered ticket is only valid on the day of distribution.
Q19.I have entered the castle grounds and refused the numbered ticket, but I still feel like ascending the main castle tower. What should I do?
A19. Please follow the re-entry procedures and get a numbered ticket by joining the end of the line.
Q20.When are numbered tickets issued this year? Is the program held beyond 2016?
A20. For fiscal 2016, The information will be made available around January, 2016.

【Numbered tickets issuing plan】
Period of time Number of days Reasons for congestion
Janualy 1, 2017 New Year’s Day (Admission Free)
April 1–2, 8-9, 2017 Cherry trees in bloom
May 4-6, 2017 Spring tourist season
Q21.If one does not enter the main Keep, is the admission fee discounted?
A21.There is no discount for not ascending the main Keep.
Q22.Do you sell entrance tickets in advance?
A22.No. Entrance tickets are sold at the entrance on the day of entry only.
Q23.Can one enter the castle grounds with pets?
A23.Some cages for small dogs are available. But reservations are not accepted.
After the grand opening of the main Keep, heavy congestion with long wait is expected. As such, it is likely that pets will be exposed to stress to the extent that may be damaging to their health.
Q24.Are guide dogs allowed to enter the castle grounds and/or ascend the main Keep along with their owners?
A24.They are allowed to enter the castle grounds. However, there have been cases in which they were unable to descend from the stairs of the Main Keep because the tower staircases were too steep. Please make a careful judgment by taking into consideration the size of the guide dogs and so on.
Q25.Can I enter and ascend the castle in a wheelchair?
A25. No. Himeji Castle has a number of slopes and stairs that are very steep and narrow inside the building. We are afraid that for those reasons, people in a wheelchair cannot enter or ascend Himeji Castle alone.
However, people in a wheelchair can enter the castle from the entrance and visit the area near the Main Keep if they are accompanied by a few experienced care workers. (It can be dangerous for people in a wheelchair to enter the castle accompanied by one care worker.)
*Admission fee is free for up to three care workers.
*We do not have care staffs.