Let’s take a walk around the Castle with a foreign language guide and the Castle staff. The guide will show you the best view of Himeji Castle.
“I want to see the Japanese Castle”
“For a preview of my next visit to Himeji Castle”
“For an event to share with my family”
Feel free to enjoy it.
If you have any questions, the guide will answer them, on the spot.
If you are impressed by the scenery, please say “Wow!” in a loud voice.
We are looking forward to your participation.
Virtual Tour
“Let’s meet up on ZOOM!”
We’ll send you the room address from the Google Form, so please access it on that day. We plan to hold this tour twice a month, but the schedule may change without notice due to the infection status of Covid-19 and stormy weather etc.
Date & Time (※JST(Japan Time))
September 25th(Sun) 10:00
  • Tour Title: Mysteries and Legends of Himeji Castle
  • Theme: Introducing some mysteries and legends about Himeji castle
  • Highlights & Point:

    ・A Christian Cross on the roof: Nobody knows who and when put the mysterious Christian cross.
    ・Gate Ni: Find a secret key stone
    ・Only one Oil wall in Himeji Castle.
    ・Okiku Well: A scary but sad story about a maid named Okiku.

  • Guide: Mihoko
  • Note
    *This tour is for foreign tourists and Japanese who are living or staying abroad.
    If you are a Japanese who are living or staying abroad, please select your country of residence in the Nationality column when filling out the application form.
    *We plan to have a maximum of 20 accounts.
    *If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity, priority will be given to foreign tourists and Japanese living abroad.