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【Requests to all visitors】
In order to ensure the safety and security of visitors to Himeji Castle, we have installed hand sanitizers, worn masks for staffs, and disinfected handrails and ticket vending machines in an effort to prevent the spread of Covid19. It is essential to prevent viruses not only between staff and visitors, but also between visitors and visitors. In order to prevent the spread of infection, please cooperate with the following.
*As a general rule, visitors not wearing masks are not allowed to enter, except for infants etc. However, to protect you from heat stroke, please take off your face mask in moderation when there are few people around you (
Secure at least 2 meters).
*Please make sure to bring bottled beverage with a lid to protect you from heat stroke.
*Admission may be denied to those who have a fever, cough or other symptoms of a cold, or who are not feeling well.
*Please use hand sanitizer at the entrance gate.
*Please keep as much social distance as possible (about 2 meters) from staffs and other visitors.
*To prevent congestion, admission may be restricted.
【Winter Special Exhibition】
Private areas will be specially open to the public for the Winter Special Exhibition as the opportunity to recognize the fascination of cultural assets and the significance of their preservation.
We will have a pre-opening of “Daimyo gyoretsu haikan” (exhibitions of garments and furnishing goods for regional lord’s procession), that we will display from this coming April.
We look forward to have you visit the Himeji Castle.
Mon.1st February – Sun.28th February. 2021
9:00 – 16:30

★ Na Gate and Second Li connecting gallery
★ First Li connecting gallery and Chi Watchtower
Adult & Child 300 yen (There is a separate change for admission to the Himeji Castle)
Currently, we ask visitors to take off their shoes to visit the main keep and the long corridor in the west bailey. Slippers were available only in the winter season.
However, in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection, we are suspending the loan of slippers for the time being.
If you are concerned about your feet getting cold due to the cold floor, we recommend that you bring thick socks or indoor shoes.
Due to the wooden structure, the stairs are steep and slippery.
Please be careful.

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