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Discover Himeji Castle with AR

How to Use the “AR”
1. Download the app.

Access the App Store or Google Play with your smartphone or tablet. Download the free app. (Users are responsible for communication expenses for downloading and usage of the app.)

2. Activate the app and train your smartphone camera on the markers.

Press the Start button and train your smartphone camera on the marker, when seeing an AR Marker like a sign at left.

3. Enjoy the contents.

Enjoy viewing Princess Shiromaru come up or the buildings as they were.

•To use this app, you must activate the GPS function on your smartphone.
*GPS could become less accurate according to the weather so that the display location could be misaligned.
•This app requires Android version 4.0 or later. (This app might not function properly on some smartphones.)

Ōte Mon (Front Gate)
San-no-Maru Goten (3rd Bailey Palace)

A panoramic view of nonexisting Mukouyashiki Palace, where the lord used to live, work or meet his guests is reconstructed in computer-generated 3D animation.

Defense Systems
The livelihood of a lady-in-waiting

A lady in waiting explains about mechanisms to prevent enemy intrusions like shooting holes and stone drops. Don't miss various works in Hyakken Long Corridor to compensate the weak point an attack from the west.

Nishi-no-Maru Goten (West Bailey Palace)
Mud wall at south of the Ha-no-Mon (Ha Gate)

You can witness garrisons aiming guns and fring from shooting holes as if you were in a real battle.

Ni-no-Mon (Ni Gate)
Main Keep

Basement : West large pillar, east large pillar
1st Floor : Stone drops
2nd Floor: Weapons racks
3rd Floor: West large pillar
4th Floor: Stone-throwing platforms
6th Floor: “Hidden windows”, Castle town telescope,Must-see spots around