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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Since there was big line at the main keep,I decided not to go. May I use my admission ticket for another day?
A1. Admission ticket is valid only on the day.Thank you for your understanding.
Q2. Why is the number of visitors to the main Keep restricted?
A2. The first priority is the safety at visitors to access the main keep, We need to secure the passage in case of emergency. We also need to protect cultural properties,and to provide visitors with some comfort.
Q3. When is the day the opening time is different from usual?
A3. We will open at 8:30 am for the following dates when we expect congestion.
Q4. How long is the tour time?
A4. It will take around 1.5-2hours to look around Himeji castle. During the crowded season, you may wait around 1 hour, so allow yourself enough time when visiting.
Q5. Is there a guide tour in English?
A5. Yes. Please refer to our website for more details.
Go to this URL. ⇒ http://www.himejicastle.jp/tours/
Q6. Is there a reservation system for Himeji Castle?
A6. We don't have any reservation systems. You will need to want in line to enter the main keep when it is crowded.
Q7. Do you sell entrance tickets in advance?
A7. No. Entrance tickets are sold at the entrance on the day of entry only.
Q8. Can one enter the castle grounds with pets?
A8. You may bring your pet if your pet is fully kept inside a cage. Pet carts and strollers or anything with wheels are prohibited. Please keep your pet in a cage and carry at all times. Although the number of cages are limited, there are cage rental service free of charge. If needed, go to the Himeji Castle Administrative office. (The office does not take any reservations)
Q9. How much is the entrance fee for physically challenged person?
A9. Physically challenged person and one carer can enter free of charge by showing the certificate.
Q10. Are guide dogs allowed to enter the castle grounds and/or ascend the main Keep along with their owners?
A10. You can enter the castle with your guide dog, however there was a case where the guide dog could not go down the main donjon's steep stairs. Please take into consideration of your guide dog size and the crowd condition before visiting.
Q11. Can I enter and ascend the castle in a wheelchair?
A11. A visitor on wheelchair cannot visit the Himeji castle alone because of the numerous steep hills. If you visit with two to three experienced carers, you can reach Bizenmaru which is near the main donjon. (Visiting with a single carer is dangerous.) Please understand that you cannot enter the building with your wheelchair.
*Admission fee is free for up to three care workers.
*We do not have care staffs.
>>Route for wheelchair(PDF)
Q12. Do you rent wheelchairs?
A12. No. There are no rental service for wheelchairs.
Q13. Do you have a wheelchair accesible restroom?
A13. There are no wheelchair accesible restroom inside the paid area. Please use the restroom in Sannomaru Hiroba Nishigawa (West side of Sannomaru Square).
Q14. Are there any parking lots around the Himeji castle??
A14. The closest parking lot is "Otemon parking" which is around 10 minutes from the castle enterance. Refer to the Himeji Urban Development Foundation website for other nearby parking lots.
Q15. Do you have parking lots for large-sized motorcycles?
A15. There are 48 parking spaces and daily fee is 500 yen per motorcycle. Business hours are 7:00-23:00. For small-sized motorcycles (125 cc and under) and motor bicycles (50 cc and under), use the Chuo Chika Churinjo (Central Underground Bicycle Parking), Otemae Chika Churinjo (Otemae Underground Bicycle Parking), or Eki Nishi Chika Churinjo (Himeji Station West Underground Bicycle Parking)
Contact Info: Parking Lot Administration Center TEL: 079 281 8338
Q16. Is there anything else I should pay attention to when I visit the castle?
(1) The castle may close down in case of weather conditions and other reasons.
(2) It is prohibited to smoke inside Himeji castle. Please use the designated smoking area.
(3) There are no trash cans inside the castle.
(4) It is prohibited to use the monopod, tripod or a selfie stick inside the building. These items may also be prohibited outside, in case of heavy congestions and other reasons.
(5) In principle, strollers and pushcarts for the elderly may not be used inside the castle. Store any bags with wheels into a coin locker (charged).
(6) Eating and drinking inside the castle is prohibited. However, you may bring your plastic bottles and water bottles with a lid. It is strictly prohibited to bring items such as, alcohol beverage, your own lunch, glass and canned bottle, gum, candy, and ice cream.
(7) We may refuse your entry or ask you to leave the castle in case of any actions taken that are against our general rules.
(8) Because the Himeji castle consists multiple stairs, steep paths, and steps, we may refuse your entry in case of your poor health condition.
(9) Himeji city and subcontractors shall not have any liabilities in regard of any accidents caused by your inattention.
(10) In order to protect the cultural properties and to secure your safety, our staff may approach you to give warnings.
(11) Reentry to the castle is not allowed.
Q17. Are there any areas prohibited to enter?
A17. Yes, for visitor's safety and protection of cultural properties, some areas are prohibited to enter.
Q18. Do you light up Himeji castle?
A18. Yes, we light up everyday. (Except for the light down day).
 The light up is from sunset until midnight.
Q19. Are there any places you can eat your own lunch?
A19. Please use Sannomaru Hiroba (Sannomaru Square), Sannomaru Hiroba Kitagawa (North Area of Sannomaru Square), or High Ground (Peony garden) of Sannomaru Hiroba Nishigawa (West side of Sannomaru Square).
Some areas of Sannomaru Hiroba (Sannomaru Square) may be closed for a certain period to cure the grass. Also, be aware that all squares do not have roofs, so take necessary measures for rainy weather.