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Himeji Castle Guide Map

The Students and Himeji Castle

The 2nd year students of KSH Global Course are learning mainly about local culture. Therefore, Himeji Castle is the very best theme from the view point of history, culture, architecture, and tourism. All the students worked hard to complete the audio guide by repeatedly visiting the castle, rewriting the script, recording their voice many times and even guided foreigners around the castle. We sincerely hope many tourists from all over the world will enjoy this audio guide provided by our amazing students.


Who made this Audio Guide?

It was made by the 2nd year students of the Global Culture Course of Kotogaoka Senior High School. 2nd year students in this course are taught twice a week about Japanese culture and how to introduce it to people all over the world.


Kotogaoka Senior High School

Kotogaoka Senior High School (KSH) is a coed Himeji municipal high school located in the western part of Himeji city. All 700 students at KSH work hard with their studies and club activities fulfilling their school motto of "Sincerity, Diligence, and Fellowship."

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